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Challenges without limits!

When entering this competition, our participants have to be prepared for anything. From tidying up their rooms to the animation they show throughout the days, everything will be accounted for!

There will be daily challenges, physical and psychological competitions that will be able to give you a boost in the score, not counting the scores of the activities. These challenges will be intense and continuous throughout the week, even while sleeping these teams will be able to compete, or who knows even in the shower!

Live the spirit of Summerpolis!

One of the particularities that characterize Summerpolis participants is their endless energy and tireless desire to win. For this reason, each team will have a personalized haka so that they can show all their greatness before any competition.

This haka will be taught to the teams at the beginning of the field so that they can do it whenever they want and whenever the circumstances demand it. In addition to the haka, teams will have the opportunity to create unique Summerpolis shouts, greetings and customs that, if they turn out to be true phenomena, could remain
forever in the history of this summer camp.

In the end, the important thing is that everyone who passes through Summerpolis will be able to leave their mark, and in this magical place every day we make history. This is living Summerpolis!

The Scores

Activity scores will be assigned as follows:
5th place – 950,
4th place – 1250,
3rd place – 1500,
2nd Place – 1750
1st Place – 2000.

The scores of the remaining moments of the field may vary.

Power Stars

Legend has it that those who do good deeds in the Summerpolis universe are rewarded. It is common that after performing a noble deed, this is rewarded with the attribution of a star of power. This star is the most sacred symbol of nobility and should be taken seriously.

Any team that is worthy of receiving one of these stars is also worthy of everyone’s respect. By collecting power stars, teams will be able to collect some extra points that can give them a good help in conquering the podium. It should be noted that the stars gathered by a team add to the stars won at national level and the score is only reflected on the national podium.

Field star – Stars earned by teams on the field by performing certain actions. For example:

  • Helping the team of animators to load and unload equipment; Wash the van in your free time (Solidarity);
  • Giving up the score of a game for having cheated against another team; Helping another team in the middle of a game when it is at a clear disadvantage (Fairplay);
  • Helping a colleague with less skills so that the team succeeds; Great performance in an activity due to collaborative thinking (Teamwork);
  • Take initiative and surprise the pedagogical team; Giving back to an activity in a completely new and meaningful way (Creativity);

Star power – When a team (nationally) gathers 50 field stars, that team will earn a power star. By conquering this star you will earn 2000 points.

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