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What happens when you add experience,
know-how, passion and the will to make it happen?

Magic and innovative projects are born!

OF Produções, an animation, events and training company, with more than 15 years of experience, and UPAJE, which has 45 years of experience in organizing and promoting Summer Camps and Free Time Activities, have come together to revolutionize Summer Camps and transform them into an even more unique experience and
unforgettable for the life of any child and young person!

Summerpolis is a project that will revolutionize the world of summer camps. Where once there was only one set of activities with a central objective – to win – there is now a national competition that surpasses all barriers of the field itself. This project is based on several values ​​that include sustainability, contact with nature and encouraging our participants’ autonomy and social development.

Our Values

  • Education – learning to know, learning to do, learning to live with others and learning to be.
  • Safety – the safety and well-being of participants are the main aspects to consider in our activities.
  • Animation – we have a large team of animators with specialized training, who will guarantee permanent animation.
  • Energy – a new image, with new ideas, new methodologies and a lot of creativity.
  • Performance – focus on dramatization of games and creation of a different and characteristic environment in each theme.

Pedagogical Project

  • Encourage the individual expression of children within a group;
  • Help in the learning and autonomy of each one;
  • To raise awareness of respect, sharing and attentive listening to others;
  • Organisation and animation modes that favor expression and creativity;
  • Raising awareness of respect for inequalities;
  • Respect the rhythms of life of each one.

Our Themes All our courses are involved in a different theme! Come and discover the themes that you can find this year in our holiday camps.


Welcome to Dream Land, the place where all your dreams can come true.
Every day is special here, and you have a very important role!
Dreams, wishes, joy and lots of excitement will not be lacking in this week full of surprises.
Now it’s time for bed… see you in the world of dreams, see you soon!


Welcome to the most enchanted castle of summer. Only the most fantastic beings and creatures enter here. Fairies, princesses,monsters and super heroes, a whole magical world that you won’t want to miss! To enter, you only need one special ingredient!


You’ve just logged in to this summer’s most digital camp. From the moment they connect they will be submerged in a world full of likes, vlogs, instas and much more! Each team will have its own instagram, and it is from there that we will all be able to follow the lives of our influencers. Don’t miss the next video!


Connect So, put on your headphones and augmented reality glasses, and now you’re ready to enter this summer camp where games and the world of gaming become real. Here the goal is to collect points, leveling up every day. Challenge yourself and don’t give up, before it’s GAME OVER.


Welcome to another special edition of the Olympic Games! Here all athletes will be put to the test, in the most diverse modalities. Tests and competitions will be held at any time and all athletes, as well as their teams, must work hard to represent their country before the magnificent Olympic flame.


Lights, camera, action! We entered the most famous plateau of the summer! Here you can be any of your idols from the world of cinema. The director and the technical team have many challenges prepared for you, and only the best will be Winners at the magnificent Oscars gala! The red carpet is ready, all that’s missing is you, the stars!


Inspired by the netflix movie bandersnach, during this summer camp participants will be faced with decisions that will decide the course of each day . Through an application, participants will have the opportunity to make their own choices, however, a wrong choice could result in a consequence for the team. Dare and join this adventure.


Like spending a night in a Prehistoric cave, going into a Cowboys café or having dinner with Luís de Camões. Or would you rather meet an ET, see the world after this pandemic, or have a Robot friend? Then this field is ideal for you! Come spend a crazy week where the uncertainty of the time you live in is constant! Come and see the world in a different way, come live the past and discover the future!


“The show must go on!” – Sem ti este show não acontece, pois estamos à procura dos mais talentosos! Música, dança, teatro, artes circenses, há um pouco de tudo no nosso mundo do espetáculo. Aqui podes fazer diversos workshops e aulas práticas das mais diversas áreas, para no final mostrares o que vales no melhor show de talentos do verão!


O what do you want to be when you grow up? Astronaut? Super hero? Here you can be whatever you want, because you are the one who creates your future! This week is not just a summer camp, as you have the opportunity to develop a life project that could become YOUR FUTURE. Here we learn how to do it!Join the project of your life, while having fun like never before!

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