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New teams also appear in this concept, each with individual and unique characteristics. When a participant is selected to be part of a certain team, this will accompany him until the end, opening doors for him to discover new powers and precious advantages in the competition.

The History of the Teams


It is the team protected by the owl, the guardian of wisdom. This team will always be represented by the color yellow and its element is air. As they are nocturnal birds, owls live during the night, so it is to be expected that their competitive advantage is at its peak during nocturnal activities. The flight of owls is completely silent, so if you’re not paying attention, they’ll pass you by without even noticing!


Nature’s team. Its element is earth and its color is green. Its guardian animal is the lynx, and as a feline it will have an advantage in all racing games. Pay attention, because from this team you can expect big surprises. Don’t be fooled by appearances, as the lynx was once close to extinction and has returned to dominate the animal kingdom.


It’s the Lilac team. They are represented by a very dangerous and equally fascinating guardian, the scorpion. Their element is energy and they will have an advantage in all recreational and entertainment activities. Be very careful with them, because despite being beautiful, the scorpion has a very powerful venom and can attack when we least expect it


The Fire Team. The guardian of this team is the fire salamander and its color is red. This animal is often found close to distant towns and villages and therefore its advantage will be greater in all activities that take place outside the Capital of Summer Holidays. Fire salamanders may look adorable, but be careful as it’s not easy to tell which ones might be harmless and which ones might have lethal venom!


It’s the water team. They are protected by their guardian animal, the shark, and their color is blue. Fish live in one of the most mysterious and unexplored natural places in the world, the sea, and that is why they are masters when it comes to competing in the water. This team will have an advantage in all water games on the course.

The Waiver of Power

It’s true that each team has its power, but it’s also true that Summerpolis is full of mysteries and ancient legends that can change the course of history at any time. In this summer camp, the teams decide and therefore, whenever a new team is formed, it can choose to renounce its power, having to carry out a mega challenge to conquer the power of one of the other teams. The Renunciation of Power is sovereign and once the mission has been carried out, they will not be able to go back.

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